View Full Version : MS encrypted file handling

May 13th, 2012, 02:56 PM
There are workarounds to this but it would be nice if vedit could check for the encrypted attribute and provide warning or method to keep from saving cleartext.

Win 7, Vedit 6.21.3

1. create a new or select an existing text file
2. RMB -> props -> advanced -> encrypt using "file encryption" .. apply, etc
3. open .txt in vedit, change content and save

Default .bak handling is all I have tested but given the outcome I kind of think it may not matter.

4. Result is .txt file is cleartext, .bak file is encrypted

Without investigating further, it seems vedit is creating a new file/handle and renaming the old to .bak -- thus windows keeping encryption with the original file but not knowing to encrypt the newly revised file.

Edits as above using notepad work fine.

Seems it might not be a big hurdle for vedit to handle encrypted files without forcing users to adopt new procedures or change vedit settings. After all if notepad can do it... ;-)


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