View Full Version : Needs an enhancement ofthe ASCII2.VDM macro.

February 6th, 2016, 02:24 PM

I need an enhancement of the ASCII2.VDM macro. It is my understanding that this is the macro that implements the Vedit menu command, {Misc, ASCII table..}.

Note the 3-dots after the word "table" A possible interpretation of these 3-dots is that the word ASCII table is, essentially, but not exactly, the title of the original Glukov macro.

So, here is the original exact title;

ASCII2.VDM - Compact ASCII table.

In other words, the word "COMPACT" is missing in the Vedit menu.

Specifically, I would like to have a display that in addition to the ASCII characters and their decimal and hexadecimal values also displays their unicode values.

For the OEM font, the URL for such a table is


Actually, this URL is an .html file and you candisplay it in your favorite browser.
For your information this is the title of that .html file:
OEM 437
This table is provided to help developers move their applications to Unicode.

Note that original Glukov macro displays the Compact ASCII table for the currently used font by Vedit. This is either
OEM or ANSI. So, I would like to display each of these two fonts, say via a Dialog_Input_Box command. Actually, the
ANSI font is a family of fonts and Vedit takes the special case of the English alphabet. I believe MS calls it Latin 1.

Thanks as always,