View Full Version : Get_Filename dialog box

September 5th, 2012, 10:49 AM
There is a minor problem with Get_Filename() command on Windows 7.

Get_Filename is used in several macros, such as wildfilew.vdm, compdir.vdm and ctags.vdm to select a directory (when [Browse] button is clicked).
Normally, you would navigate to the directory you want and then click OK or press Enter, and the dialog box is closed.

However, on Windows 7, if you navigate to upper directory and click OK, you will be returned to original directory and the dialog box is left open.
You need to select some file in the directory and then click OK in order to select that directory.
It seems that on Windows 7, when you navigate to parent directory, the directory where you came from is automatically highlighted as if you had clicked on it.
This problem does not exist on XP.