• VEDIT 6.20 (May 12, 2011)

    After a 6-year heiatus, VEDIT 6.20 was finally released. During this time VEDIT's only full-time programmer Tom Burt retired after 25 years, and I (Ted Green) am currently the sole programmer. During the past eight years I started a new company SpamStopsHere which did very well and two years ago we merged this back under the Greenview name with a full complement of email security and hosting products. Greenview is now ten times the size it was with just VEDIT. Fortunately with my younger brother Phil running the technical side of the business, Joel Abramson (COO) running the business side, and a dozen experienced support staff taking care of all else 24/7, the email business has been running very well without my continuous involvement. I have therefore been able to spend most of the past six months working on VEDIT and 6.20 is the result. I would like to add that most of VEDIT's "sales" the past few years have been for EBCDIC (mainframe) conversion software and services. The services have all been performed by Tony Taylor who has been able to convert tricky EBCDIC files that no other software or company could handle.

    VEDIT 6.20 includes a lot of work which was performed over the past few years but never released. For example, Gabe Lein worked on the new .CHM help system for six months back in 2008. Tom Burt wrote the preliminary Email and Ftp support back in 2004 and due to his retirement it was never finalized; therefore it remains in beta-test mode in version 6.20. I would also like to thank VEDIT customers Christian Ziemski, Pauli Lindgren, Ian Binnie and Scott Lambert for many new and updated macros that are included in version 6.20.

    The primary enhancements in VEDIT 6.20 include:

    • Improved support for Windows Vista and Win7, including single and multi-user installation options, a new directory structure and various bug fixes. While not recommended by Vista/7, VEDIT still has a "Traditional" option for installing all files in c:\vedit.
    • Partly to support Windows Vista/7 and partly to reduce the number of files in the VEDIT Home directory,\ a new directory structure with more subdirectories is now used.
    • New .CHM built-in help system. The older .hlp type help system is no longer supported in Vista/7. The previous content is still all there, updated of course, and we think it is better organized.
    • The useful new {MISC, Scribe} spelling checker is written entirely in the VEDIT macro language and includes a 100,000 work English dictionary. (Special thanks to Scott Lambert for working on this over many years.)
    • A new Wildfile macro uses an all-in-one dialog box instead of the previous wizard. It now has "history" an useful options.
    • Vastly improved Ctags support including nested lookups.
    • Convenient new {FILE, Open (More), Find file and open} builds a file search function into VEDIT.

    The whatsnew.txt file give gives a short summary of all enhancements.

    The veditlog.txt file gives a short listing of each enhancement, change and bug fix.

    It is hard to believe that I started VEDIT over 30 years ago and it is still going strong. I would like to thank many of you for decades of support! Ted Green.


    Selecting {HELP, About} in your existing VEDIT will indicate whether you are eligible for a free update to 6.20. If the line reads "Eligible for updates through 6.2..." or later, then you can simply download the new version and it will work with your existing serial-registration number. Generally anyone on a current Software Subscription Plan or recent purchaser of version 6.1 will be eligible for a free update.

    VEDIT 6.20 bug fixes:

            New directory structure to reduce files in \vedit home
            New installation supports Windows Vista and Windows 7
            New .CHM type built-in help
            New {FILE, Open (More), Find file and open}
            Improved Wildfile using a detailed dialog box
            Improved Cfunc macro to outline a C program
            Improved Ctags support with new menu functions
            New {MISC, More macros, Scribe} spelling checker
            New {EDIT, Translate, Unicode} translates UTF-8 and UTF-16
            Improved {GOTO, Matching ()} handles quoted strings
            Improved {HELP, Status} displays more file info
            New Right-click menu item "Command at cursor"
            New {USER, Show calendar} displays simple calendar
            Technical - New vpw.ini startup file
            Technical - New BB_Normal and BE_Normal commands
            Technical - New Buf_Last command
            Technical - New Char_In_Quotes command
            Technical - New File_Est_Lines return number of lines in file
            Technical - New Reg_Char_Value() accesses chars in T-Regs
            Technical - New string values for new directory structure
            Technical - New DBL_CLICK_MACRO and INDENT_MACRO strings
            Fix - Screens wider than 255 chars no longer crash
            Fix - Undo of deleted blocks between 64K and 128K fixed
            Fix - Duplicated tab for buffer "99" fixed