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    by Published on August 9th, 2011 11:25 AM

    After a 6-year heiatus, VEDIT 6.20 was finally released. During this time VEDIT's only full-time programmer Tom Burt retired after 25 years, and I (Ted Green) am currently the sole programmer. During the past eight years I started a new company SpamStopsHere which did very well and two years ago we merged this back under the Greenview name with a full complement of email security and hosting products. Greenview is now ten times the size it was with just VEDIT. Fortunately with my younger brother Phil running the technical side of the business, Joel Abramson (COO) running the business side, and a dozen experienced support staff taking care of all else 24/7, the email business has been running very well without my continuous involvement. I have therefore been able to spend most of the past six months working on VEDIT and 6.20 is the result. I would like to add that most of VEDIT's "sales" the past few years have been for EBCDIC (mainframe) conversion software and services. The services have all been performed by Tony Taylor who has been able to convert tricky EBCDIC files that no other software or company could handle.

    VEDIT 6.20 includes a lot of work which was performed over the past few years but never released. For example, Gabe Lein worked on the new .CHM help system for six months back in 2008. Tom Burt wrote the preliminary Email and Ftp support back in 2004 and due to his retirement it was never finalized; therefore it remains in beta-test mode in version 6.20. I would also like to thank VEDIT customers Christian Ziemski, Pauli Lindgren, Ian Binnie and Scott Lambert for many new and updated macros that are included in version 6.20.

    The primary enhancements in VEDIT 6.20 include:


    by Published on August 19th, 2011 10:17 AM

    VEDIT 6.21.1 features a much faster spelling checker, easier integration with Windows, improved project support and improvements to many of the supplied macros.

    Enhancements include:

    • Much, much faster (30x) Scribe spelling checker
    • Easier integration with Windows, Explorer and IE
    • Improved USB installation support, including saving Projects on USB
    • New {HELP, Dashboard info} helps to debug install/config problems

    The complete list of enhancements and bug fixes for each version is here: http://www.vedit.com/download/veditlog.txt


    by Published on August 19th, 2011 09:41 AM

    You might be familiar with the "Minecraft" phenomena - a game where you build structures with everything from basic blocks to complex logic circuits. We have been running a Minecraft server which has become one of the more popular ones with huge worlds of structures.

    • Over 150 users
    • 8 worlds with portals for moving between them (New users limited to two worlds to prove their "good intentions")
    • Over 1 million blocks placed
    • Snapshots/backups made every 4 hours in case destructive users access a world

    Here is an album of screen shots from our worlds: http://greenviewdata.imgur.com/