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Thread: Htm2Csv.vdm : convert an html table to a csv file

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    Htm2Csv.vdm : convert an html table to a csv file

    Hi Peter,

    Okay, I have written the macro, you requested. Htm2csv.vdm converts a html table to a csv file.

    To use:

    1. load html file into vedit
    2. position text cursor on a line ABOVE the line containing the table tag
    3. execute htm2csv.vdm
    4. save-as the output to a filename with a .csv extension
    5. load new csv file into MS Excel
    6. highlight all text
    7. on Home tab, select format, and then auto-fit column width
    8. on Home tab, select Find & Select, then select replace
    9. in Find what:, put [comma]
    10. in Replace with: put an actual comma symbol
    11. select Replace All
    12. save file

    You might want to copy & paste these instructions into a local text file.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Hope others also find this useful.

    Comments, bug report, etc welcomed!

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