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Thread: Subcode.vdm : The Macro Subroutines Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Lambert View Post

    The attached subcode3.zip adds to the list of subroutines:

    A slightly altered version of Pauli's random number generator subroutine

    Keystat & Keytest act as front-ends to the internal command key_shift_status allowing you to test which key was pressed by key name (caps, num, scroll, alt, ctrl, shift).

    Both are documented in enclosed subcode.txt.

    Come on, surprise me and reply.... Least communicative group of users ever. I must be the only one who enjoys writing Vedit macros. Oh well...



    I have added the SETUP-HTTP subroutine from the VEDITPDF.VDM macro. At the same time, as per your instructons, I have renamed the T-reg, where the macro
    gives the shell command for the browser to T-reg 20.

    Now, a belated thank you to Pauli Lindgren for his elegant subroutine.

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