Dear all, in particular dear Pauli,

I have followed Christian's instructions and I have put my latex-OUT.SYN file into my HOME\compile directory. Of course, I am very happy that now
the error messages of my MikTeX compiler are displayed in color on my vcs.tmp output file.

The downsize of this arrangement is that the rest of my .syn files are in my SYNTAX_DIR. Incidentally, a big thank you to Ted for creating the SYNTAX_DIR configuration parameter. I certainly value the option of keeping all of my .syn files in a sub directory of my USER_HOME directory.

It seems to me that I could easily change the reference to the file latex-OUT.SYN in C-INIT.VDM to SYNTAX_DIR\latex-OUT.SYN.
My concern is that making this change to C-INIT.VDM would possibly affect other Vedit users as well. I know that Pauli has written some very nice C-related macros and so, I take that he is using the C-INIT.VDM file.

Therefore, I would appreciate hearing from Pauli. At the same time, I would appreciate having any feed back to my question.