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Thread: Self Survey on my use of the commad {Search, Compare Buffers}.

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    Self Survey on my use of the commad {Search, Compare Buffers}.

    Dear All,

    I would like to give a self survey on my use of the menu command {Search, Compare Buffers}.

    In short, a big thank you to Pauli for his Buffer_Switch.vdm macro. I find it a great help in using the {Search, Compare Buffers} command.

    Here are the details.
    1.: Let me start with the description of that menu command from the Vedit User Manual:

    To compare two buffers (files):
    1. If necessary, switch to both buffers and ensure that the cursor in each
    buffer is in the correct position for starting the comparison. Remain in
    either buffer.
    2. Select {SEARCH, Compare buffers} (<Ctrl-F3>). If only two buffers
    are open, the comparison starts immediately and you should notice that
    the cursor has moved over all matching characters.
    If more than two buffers are open, you are prompted for the “other” buffer
    number with the buffer selection dialog box.

    2.: The feature that I really like is that

    "If only two buffers are open, the comparison starts immediately "

    In this special case there is no need for any user intervention. In other words, there is no need to use Pauli's macro.

    3.: Now take the special case of three buffers are open. Then, as per the manual, you have the option of entering the buffer number into the selection dialog box.

    If you have many differences between the two files being compared then this strategy may not be the optimal one. The reason being that at each step you have to enter
    the buffer number.

    4.: Many times a better strategy is to use Pauli's macro. That is to say, close the buffer not needed in the comparison. This reduces the case of three buffers to the case of two buffers
    , where no user input is needed.

    5.: Note that there are many excellent third party comparison programs. However, for these programs you have to enter the names of the two files that you wish to compare. So if you are a poor typist like myself, then this is a typo prone procedure.

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