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Thread: The nice shortcut to the Open File Goto Line command.

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    The nice shortcut to the Open File Goto Line command.

    I have been using a shortcut to the File Open Goto LIne command for some time. Now in the Vedit Online Help, I have justr found an even nicer shortcut.

    That example says that, vpw -953 main.cpp.

    Just for the fun of it I wanted to work out the general form of that Vedit command as well.
    Indeed, that command is a special case of the command Open File and execute the command Goto_Line() command;

    File_Open("filename") -c Goto_Line( linenumber)

    Choosing the filename and the linenumber parameters, I had no problem executing such a command.

    Therefore, I was surprised to see that entering such a command into one of my Miktex commands I ended up with an error message. Since I do not know the length limitation of the commands that I can enter into my Miktex commands, I used the short form of the previous Vedit comman . That did not work either.

    I should emphasize that the shortcut works for MikTeX like a charm. I have a hunch that entering such a short cut into other programs, like MiKTeX, was the purpose of that shortcut in the first space.

    If you have a reaction, please let me know.

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    And it was a very interesting idea.

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