I have uploaded a concatenation file from the old Bulletin Board.

Now I would like copy a subcode of Scott that uses a nice concatenation short cut.

// gets status of the read-only attribute of a file

#30=file_attrib('"|@(10)"') // neat shortcut for concatenating the content of T-reg 10 and the `"` strings
// without using the Reg_Set(10, `"`, APPEND) construction. In other words,
// simple concatenation works in this special case.

if(remainder==1) {#20=1} // rejto corrected typo, 2016-11-02.

Recall that the concatenation of string1 and string2 is the strin: string1strin2.

As per the uploaded ,old Bulletin Board message, in general, you can not concatenate two strings in Vedit, just writing one after ther other.
However, in special cases you can do it. I have copied the entire subcode, above, and marked up the short cut.

In other words, the above example is an example of a special case when you can perform the concatenation in Vedit, the "short way ".
If you find other examples, please let me know.