I am in the process of filing my income tax return. This year, I have used Vedit to check some of my HRBlock Software calculations.

Here are the details. I checked my total charitable deductions. Of course one way to do that would be to use a calculator to add up the various items. Since I am a bad typist this procedure has a chance of making a typo.

I was glad to notice that although the software uses fancy fonts, the numbers in the mini worksheets are standard. Specifically, I can copy them to the my win 7 clipboard. Copying these items to the clipboard individually is time consuming. First, the Vedit ClipCatch.vdm macro comes to the rescue. I can copy all of these items to a columnar block
in a new Vedit file. Second, the Vedit AddCol.vdm macro allows me to find the sum of that column. That is all to it.

Actually, this method has an additional- benefit. By copying these items I am also giving a proof reading to my HRBlock entries. Specifically, if I misplaced a decimal point in entering these items the copy process would show that the value of that item is out of range. So, it is a red flag.

Note that many other examples fit this scheme,

Have fun,