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Thread: Is there any interest in a vEdit Macro Language Syntax Checker?

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    How about lass ambitious project ?

    Hi Carl,

    How are you ? How is your project going ?

    As I have mentioned it to you before, I consider your proposed project super ambitious.

    How about a less ambitious project ?

    At present am working on a personal Vedit Command Glossary file. What I have in my is very simple. I have found the Vedit Maro Language Manual superbly written. Specifically, it is self-contained and so, you do not have to be a computer science person to understand it.

    So far, I have found one place where it is not self contained. Specifically, I could not understand the concept of a Mask, describing the parameters of the File_Attribute Command. So, I thought to supply my personal notes on the subject. So, this will be my very first version of my personal Vedit Command Glossary file.

    May be you have other parts, where you wish to add you personal comments ? May be we could combine the two files ?

    Just a thought. What do you think ?

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