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Thread: What version was VEDIT in 1989...

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    What version was VEDIT in 1989...

    ...and is it possible to download this aged but reliable beast somewhere? I once knew my way around VEDIT comfortably. My need is to use it on an ancient 386. I would rather not saddle a new pony when the old mare can still go the distance. As I recall, it was 4.1 or 2.1 and had a split window mode. If it exists and can be had, any pointer to it would be appreciated.

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    I have checked and I do not have a copy of that old version.
    Probably your best bet would be to contact support and see if they can help.
    VEDIT 6.24.2, Win 10/64 Pro
    Using VEDIT daily, since 1987...

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