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If you comment out the "if(#20==0)" lines, then only the last one has effect. That is, your version only loads ustartup.vdm from user_home directory.

However, startup.vdm only loads ustartup.vdm from user_mac directory. I don't know why dashboard searches the file from other locations. (I have not modified startup.vdm, so I assume that is how it work in current version.)
Thanks Pauli,

Let me back track. I have two copies of ustartup.vdm installed. One is in the USER_MACRO directory and the other is in
the USER_CFG directory. The original Dashboard_3.0 shows only the one in the USER_MACRO directory. My modified version, DASHBOARD_3.0_PR, shows both of them. In my previous email I included my modification. This was, essentially,
comment out the "if(#20==0)" lines.

In other words, the original dashboard does not search for ustartup.vdm from other locations.

Let me emphasize again, it was my preference to search this other location.


I shall delete the other copy of ustartup.vdm. At the same time, I wanted to be informed that I have two copies
of ustartup.vdm installed ! The same goes for the vedit.cfg and vedit.ini files !

Now my previous oversight:

I just noticed that in my previous email I confused Startup and Ustartup.

So, erroneously, I thought to look for the ustartup.vdm search order in vedit.ini.
Thanks for clarifying this issue by pointing out that ustartup.vdm is loaded by startup.vdm.

Thanks again,