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Thread: Subversion (svn) support for Vedit

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    Subversion (svn) support for Vedit

    I made support for another revision control system, Subversion (svn).
    You can download it from my web page:

    With the main macro svn.vdm you can do some of the most common svn operations:
    • STATUS - Display status (list files that you have been modified, added or deleted)
    • LOG - List commit log
    • DIFF - Compare two revisions of a file or multiple files
    • ADD - Add current file into repository
    • REMOVE - Remove current file from repository
    • UNDO - Undo Add or Remove (before you commit)
    • REVERT - Undo any changes you have done in your workfile since last commit or update
    • COMMIT - Commit all changes. Another instance of Vedit opens for entering commit message.
    • FILES - List files that have changed in selected revision
    • GET - Fetch selected revision of a file

    The output from svn is displayed in an window in Vedit with syntax highlighting.
    You can double-click on a filename to open that file.

    The macro svn_setup.vdm helps you to instal Vedit svn support and to set some svn configuration settings.
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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    Version 1.1 of Vedit Subversion (svn) support package is now available at my web page:

    It is just a minor update and contains the following changes:
    • "Info" button on main dialog added. Opens a window to display information about repository path, working copy path, revision, last change date etc. (svn info).
    • "Update" button on main dialog added. Fetches last changes from repository into your working directory (svn update).
    • On Log, the revision that was last updated from repository is marked with 'R'.
    • Added missing file config.CFN.
    • Fixed error message in SVN_GET.
    • Fixed cursor position when DIFFing two selected revision from log.
    • SVN_SETUP.VDM: No error if one of .cfn files is missing.

    I hope to be able to update git support package in the near future, too.
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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