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Thread: Problem with size of file 4GB

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    Problem with size of file 4GB

    Hi, i have a problem and i donīt work how to fix.

    I launch this sentence for decompress a file BIN to ASC with Vedit :

    C:\Vedit\vpw.exe -y -x ebcdic-2.vdm <FILE> <LAY FILE>

    This sentence works perfectly but now i have a BIN file with 4.614 Mb and when i try to decompress in ASC file stay in 4.190 Mb and donīt continue with the process.

    The system donīt generate a error file only be quite and the size of ASC donīt up.

    Can you help me?. Have Vedit limit in the ASC decompress file?.

    Thanks for all.

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    Which version of VEDIT do you have?
    You need VEDIT Pro64 to edit files larger than 4 GB.
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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    Hi Sarebok,

    You'll want to invoke Pro64 for ebcdic conversions of any ebcdic dataset larger than 2GB. Conversion using Pro64 is achieved by using the "vpw64" executable as follows:

    C:\Vedit\vpw64.exe -y -x ebcdic-2.vdm <FILE> <LAY FILE>

    Please verify the vpw64 executable in VEdit's home directory.

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    Thank you. There was the same problem.

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