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Thread: Welcome to the VEDIT Conference

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    Welcome to the VEDIT Conference

    All VEDIT users and prospective customers are welcome and
    encouraged to participate in this (new!) conference. Besides the
    technical support categories, we hope that VEDIT users will share
    ideas, applications, suggestions, tricks and macros with each
    other. Over time we hope this will become a useful database of
    VEDIT knowledge.

    Please do:

    * Use the most appropriate category to post messages that might
    be of interest to other users.

    * Reply to any messages that interest you, especially if you have
    the answers to questions or problems.

    * Edit any messages that you previously posted, or delete any
    messages that are no longer applicable.

    Please do not:

    * Please don't ask questions related to your customer status or
    specific orders. Instead, send an e-mail to for
    prompt service.

    We reserve the right to delete any messages that we find
    inappropriate for this conference.


    This new conference was started in August 2011 when VEDIT 6.21 was released.
    An older conference at was run since 1998. That
    conference will remain up until the end of 2011 for reference purposes, but we
    ask that no new posting be made on it. However you are welcome to copy
    something from it and start a new thread here.

    Thank You.
    Ted Green.
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