Here is the newsletter (Part 1 of 2) that will be sent out soon to registered customers:

Table of Contents

(Since it's been a while since the last newsletter, I apologize for
this very long one.)

* Greetings
* New VEDIT 6.21
* New User Forum
* New Contact Info
* Updates and Software Subscription Plan (SSP)
* Email Security Products
* Minecraft
* HepcFund
* Final Words


It's been quite a few years since our last VEDIT newsletter and
significant update. As many of you know, I've been busy for the past
eight years building Greenview into an email security company,
starting with our very successful and effective SpamStopsHere service.
Long time (since 1983) VEDIT programmer Tom Burt retired in 2006,
which put VEDIT development on the back burner until this year. With
our 24/7 support staff keeping our SpamStopsHere running nearly
perfectly, and new email products (archiving, encryption and hosting)
which don't involve me much, I have been able to spend most of this
year on VEDIT development. This is largely possible because of my
brother and business partner Phil Green who handles the email product
development, and our COO Joel Abramson who runs the overall business
and marketing. Also, I would like to thank Chris Stachnik who has been
my office manager and accountant for over 12 years.

Here's an album of office pictures from the past few years:

Most of VEDIT's "sales" the past few years have been for EBCDIC
(mainframe) conversion software and services. The services have all
been performed by Tony Taylor who has been able to convert tricky
EBCDIC files that no other software or company could handle.

New VEDIT 6.21

VEDIT 6.20 released in May 2011 was the first major update in eight years
and first significant update in five years since 6.15 was released.
The past few months gave us the opportunity to implement many of the
pending suggestions from the past few years and update the many major
macros supplied with VEDIT; the result is the current version 6.21,
which is a very significant update over 6.20.

VEDIT 6.21 include a lot of work which was performed over the past
few years but never released. For example, Gabe Lein worked on the new
.CHM help system for six months back in 2008. Tom Burt wrote the
preliminary Email and Ftp support back in 2004 and due to his
retirement it was never finalized; therefore it remains in beta-test
mode in version 6.21. I would also like to thank VEDIT customers
Christian Ziemski, Pauli Lindgren, Ian Binnie and Scott Lambert for
many new and updated macros that are included in version 6.21.

The primary enhancements in VEDIT 6.21 include:

* Improved support for Windows Vista and Win7, including single
and multi-user installation options, a new directory structure
and various bug fixes. While not recommended by Vista/7, VEDIT
still has a "Traditional" option for installing all files in

* Partly to support Windows Vista/7 and partly to reduce the
number of files in the VEDIT Home directory, a new directory
structure with more subdirectories is now used.

* New .CHM built-in help system. The older .hlp type help system
is no longer supported in Vista/7. The previous content is still
all there, updated of course, and we think it is better

* The useful new {MISC, Scribe} spelling checker is written
entirely in the VEDIT macro language and includes a 100,000 word
English dictionary. (Special thanks to Scott Lambert for working
on this over many years.)

* A new Wildfile macro uses an all-in-one dialog box instead of
the previous wizard. It now has "history" an useful options.

* Vastly improved Ctags support including nested lookups.

* Convenient new {FILE, Open (More), Find file and open} builds a
file search function into VEDIT.

The full summary of enhancements is quite long and can be read here:

The veditlog.txt file gives a short listing of each enhancement,
change and bug fix:

New User Forum

Our original user forum (WebBoard) started in 1998 and had become
rather dated, both in content and its user interface. Possibly due to
its unusual interface, very few users were active on it. Therefore, we
just started a new one running on the popular vBulletin software which
is the standard for modern forums. You can see it here:

Technically this is the news page of the forum, the actual forum
messages are at:

While anyone can read it, you need to register in order to post on it.
As we plan to use it increasingly for technical support, providing
updated macros, tutorials, announcements and more, we hope you will
register too.

New Contact Info

Please note our new address and phone number:

Greenview Data, Inc.
8178 Jackson Rd. Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: (734) 426-7500

The old "PO Box 1586" is no longer in use.

If you have printed manuals, you may want to update this info on Page 1.

Updates and Software Subscription Plan (SSP)

When you select {HELP, About} in VEDIT you will see how long your
support period is and what updates you are eligible for. Unless you
recently purchased VEDIT, it is most likely that your support period
is long expired. However, you might still be eligible for future
updates. This creates potential confusion - do I need to update or

Technically, you can download and use all the updates you are eligible
for. However, if your support period is expired, we will only provide
minimal telephone, email or forum support.

Historically, many (if not most) users renew/purchase the Software
Subscription Plan when their support period expires. This ensures that
premium support is instantly available. (I know that many are also
happy and willing to support VEDIT development).

To better serve you, we are increasing the SSP support period to 24
months (from 18) for the same price of $59.

Here are your update options:

You can either update by logging in to our website, or by clicking
one of the links below.

>>> To log in to our website:

To will need your customer ID which is:
And your serial number which is available in VEDIT under {HELP, About}.

>>> If you already have VEDIT 6.2 (or your previous SSP includes it)

Order/renew your SSP with 24 months of support and updates for $59:

>>> If your last version is VEDIT 6.0 or 6.1

Order the update with SSP with 24 months of support and updates for $79:

Order just an update to VEDIT with 3 months of support for $29:

>>> If your last version is VEDIT 5.x or earlier

Order the update with SSP with 24 months of support and updates for $99:

Order just an update to VEDIT with 3 months of support for $59:

If you need to order 5-user packs or anything special, please to to our update page:

Email Security Products

If you visit our website you'll see details
about our cloud-based anti-spam, email archiving, email encryption and
email hosting (basic and Exchange-clone). Our success in this area is
largely due to the exceptional accuracy of our SpamStopsHere (SSH) service.
Anti-spam has become a "commodity" product and we are amazed by the
inaccuracy of most bundled and desktop products, and that user put
up with them. In contrast, typical SSH users see better than 99.5% spam
blocking with an industry-best 1 in 100,000 false positive rate; most
users never even bother setting up a spam folder. Our SSH customers range
in size from 10 users to 20,000. SSH is our own proprietary technology
best described as a "link and action reputation system" which relies
heavily on URL filtering and very little on IP blocking. Yes, SSH is
my baby and I'm very proud of how well it works. (Even though it put
VEDIT on the back burner for a few years.)

In addition to SSH, we offer our own proprietary email archiving,
email encryption using a hosted version of the industry-leading
Zix Corp appliance. Our email hosting is a licensed version of Zimbra
(TM) running on our own servers with replication and fail-over. We offer
both a comprehensive "basic" Zimbra and the full Exchange-clone
"enterprise" Zimbra.

While you might not be the IT manager for your company, I hope you
will put in a good word for us with your IT department in case they are
looking for a comprehensive cloud-based email solution. Besides the
accuracy of our antispam system, what really sets us apart
is our exceptional 24/7 technical support. I've made sure that
experienced and carefully trained 3rd-level support people are always
in-house to provide any assistance a customer needs.