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Thread: VEDIT Newsletter for VEDIT 6.21, September 2011 (Part 2)

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    VEDIT Newsletter for VEDIT 6.21, September 2011 (Part 2)

    (Part 2 of 2 of our Newsletter)


    You might be familiar with the "Minecraft" phenomena - a game where
    you build worlds with structures consisting of everything from basic
    blocks to complex logic circuits. We have been running a Minecraft
    server which has become one of the more popular ones with huge worlds
    of structures.

    * Over 150 users
    * 8 worlds with portals for moving between them
    (New users limited to two worlds to prove their "good intentions")
    * Over 1 million blocks placed
    * Snapshots/backups made every 1 to 4 hours in case destructive users
    access a world

    Here is an album of screen shots from our worlds:


    And a couple of YouTube videos created by our users:


    Our Minecraft server became popular after our Minecraft office prank
    video hit YouTube: (Over 100,000 views so far.)


    If you are a Minecraft gamer, I hope you will join our server at:


    (If not already a Minecraft gamer, you need to purchase a license at
    www.minecraft.net and download the software. You can then run the
    software with any Minecraft server.)

    Hep-C Fund

    Long-time VEDIT users may recall my charitable efforts over the years,
    such as fund raising bike rides for the Make-A-Wish foundation that
    some of you contributed to. In order to give back a little to the
    medical research that has so helped our family, my wife Debbie and I
    started a charity several years ago to raise awareness and help find a
    cure for Hepatitis C. This serious disease affects 4 million
    Americans, the vast majority of whom are unaware of it until they have
    liver failure. Over 10,000 Americans per year die from it and it is
    the main reason for liver transplants. (One of the photo album's
    pictures is of an "awareness" billboard we ran.) We funded one
    completed study and a current research project at the University of
    Michigan. We also provided seed money to a project at the University
    of Miami. Our goals is to provide seed money to research projects that
    might then qualify for Federal grants. We are considering expanding
    our efforts to also include liver cancer. Our charity's website is:


    If Hepatitis C research is something you would like to support, please
    make a donation (via Paypal or Google Checkout) at:


    Final Words

    Well, that pretty much brings you up to date on everything related to
    VEDIT. While we still promote our Software Subscription Plan, you may
    have noticed that I didn't mention any "upcoming" features. Obviously
    I have a list in mind, but I know it will change rapidly as more
    users become active on our new forum. Speaking of the new forum, we
    haven't yet used its Blog function; we also plan to post user written
    articles on the News page. I'm certainly open to suggestions on how
    the forum, news and blog would improve your VEDIT experience. Instead
    of emailing me, I would prefer to see suggestions posted on our forum.
    This lets me determine the level of interest and often the best way to
    implement it.

    As always, you are welcome to email me at ted@vedit.com or call our
    main number 734-426-7500. (As this is a relatively new number, you may
    want to update page 1 of any printed manuals you have.) Please note
    that while our support staff answers the phone 24/7, currently only
    Tony Taylor and I can answer complex VEDIT questions.

    Personally, my family is doing well; our two daughters are enjoying
    their careers and big-city living in Denver and Chicago. On a lighter
    side, I like to say that every father should take their daughter drag


    I still bicycle and the company still supports the Ann Arbor Velo
    Club and other community bicycling projects:


    Thank you again for your support!

    Ted Green

    Greenview Data, Inc.
    8178 Jackson Road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Phone: 734-426-7500
    Email: sales@vedit.com or support@vedit.com

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    This seems to be one of the automatically generated spam messages that are posted here now and then.
    Is someone deleting these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pal View Post
    This seems to be one of the automatically generated spam messages that are posted here now and then.
    Is someone deleting these?
    Now deleted and user banned; more of us have the login to clean up the forum now.

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