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Thread: Date Format

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    Date Format

    The Forum shows dates as mm-dd-yy.

    While I understand this, I still find it confusing, and it requires some mental readjustment.

    The Forum does not seem to offer any option to change the way dates are presented.

    My preference is ISO8601, but I concede this may not be popular.

    Would it be possible to change this to a more acceptable format e.g. 11 September 2011?

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    +1 from here.

    https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum.php itself uses dates like
    Fri 9th Sep '11, 11:02am

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    At least the '-' character should be changed to '/' to indicate American format.
    But I prefer ISO. It is the only un-ambiguous format.

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    Agreed. I have ask my admin for this site to look into the options for the forum.


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    The date format has been updated.

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