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Thread: I assume no open source for now

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    I assume no open source for now

    I hadn't been logged on in about 6 years and just now found out there was a new version of VEDIT, which is nice, since I have to do the first serious programming I have attempted in over a decade. In the old forum, there was a comment that VEDIT might become open source following a hypothetical conversion to C. Now that versions 6.21.x have been released, I guess you must feel it is worthwhile to keep as a commercial product for the near future anyway. Not that I'm complaining, just curious. I have certainly gotten my money's worth out of the SSPs. In fact, I was pleased to find that my old S/N worked for v6.21.3 from the time I bought a SSP to v7.0. I hope you earn enough to have made it worthwhile to get back to VEDIT upgrades again! Best regards.

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    As I mentioned in the newsletter on the Home tab, I really hadn't spent much time on VEDIT in many years until starting again nearly full-time in December 2010. So, my plans to convert it all to C and then open-source it are still valid.


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