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Thread: Bug in TAB handling

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    Bug in TAB handling


    I think I found a bug in VEDIT's TAB handling.
    (AFAIR it used to work in older versions but I can't tell when it broke.)

    If the TABs aren't set to a fixed width but to individual positions VEDIT doesn't place the cursor correctly any more.
    Or typed in characters aren't inserted at cursor position...

    I'll try to describe - using an example:

    A test file is attached.
    Line 1 contains same 'x' to show the desired TAB positions.
    Line 2 is the text with several TAB characters to be formatted.

    (Usually I'm using a macro setting the appropriate configuration.)

    For easy replication here:
    This is the command to set the TAB configuration:
    config_tab(16,47,88,133,157,181,204,230,278,312,33 9,367,399)

    It's inluded in the attched file as well.

    Just open the attached text file,
    copy the config_tab command,
    open VEDIT's command line,
    insert and execute the config_tab command
    and resume editing.

    Then jump to line 2 (the text to be formatted).
    In the beginning (a lot of whitespace and then some real text) all is working fine.
    But starting in about column 401 it's getting crazy. Display is wrong, inserted characters are placed elsewhere.

    Or goto to EOL of line 2.
    It seems that there is some whitespace what is not the case in the file.
    Begin highlighting that "whitespace" with shift + cursor-left.
    The "whitespace" converts to the real text now...

    Please let me know if someone is able to replicate that.

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