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Thread: Message: Block Too Large for Text Register, Try Clipboard.

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    Message: Block Too Large for Text Register, Try Clipboard.

    Hi Ted,
    I have a file that I have been converting for sometime now with no problems and now I receive the message "BLOCK TOO LARGE FOR TEXT REGISTER, TRY CLIPBOARD" .
    There are 12 files converted using the same code before this file and they all convert with no problem.

    This is my code. EBCDIC-4 is already loaded in Reg 100 by this line used on the first file "Call_File(100,"C:\Vedit\EBCDIC-4")".

    FILE_COPY("C:\XXXX-Lay-Files\F12.LAY","C:\Vedit\EBCDIC.LAY",OK) // Copy my layout file to EBCDIC.LAY.
    FILE_OPEN("C:\Quarter-End\MEMF12") // Open the EBCDIC file.
    CALL(100) // Call EBCDIC-4 from Reg 100 and run
    FILE_CLOSE() // Close the file.

    The file is only a small file containg 14,524 lines, 159764 Chars.
    My Vedit is Ver 6.22.1E and system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 4gig memory running Intel i5 CPU.

    I'm sure I have had this message before and posted on the old board but that seems to be closed now.
    Any suggestion welcome.

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    You may be running out of text register space.
    Maybe there is some old data in other text registers. AFAIK, there is 256k of memory reserved for all text registers total.

    You can see the amount of memory used in text registers with Help -> Status display.
    You can list the amount of memory used by each text register with Help -> Text registers.

    ( Ted: it might be good idea to show the amount of free memory for text registers in the Status Display. )

    P.S. The old forum is still readable at http://webboard.vedit.com/
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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