The second revision control support package I uploaded to my web page is for Git.
You can download it from

Git is a free, open source revision control system created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds (the Finnish guy who developed Linux operating system).
It is rapidly replacing other open source revision control systems, such as cvs and Subversion.
Git is a lightweight, distributed system with an emphasis on speed. It does not require a server, so you can use it on your PC for example for your Vedit macro development, but it scales up to huge projects with hundreds of developers.

With the main macro, git.vdm, you can perform some of the most common git functions directly from within Vedit.
The commands you can choose from the main dialog are: Add, Remove, Undo, Commit, Status, Log, Diff and Files.

The results of commands such as diff are opened in a window in Vedit with syntax highlighting.
You can use mouse double-click e.g. to open corresponding file/location referred in diff results display.

The macro git_setup.vdm can be used to set up git support for Vedit (configure syntax highlighting, set Vedit as Git default editor, create an exclude file).