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Thread: Git support for VEDIT

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    Git support for VEDIT

    The second revision control support package I uploaded to my web page is for Git.
    You can download it from

    Git is a free, open source revision control system created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds (the Finnish guy who developed Linux operating system).
    It is rapidly replacing other open source revision control systems, such as cvs and Subversion.
    Git is a lightweight, distributed system with an emphasis on speed. It does not require a server, so you can use it on your PC for example for your Vedit macro development, but it scales up to huge projects with hundreds of developers.

    With the main macro, git.vdm, you can perform some of the most common git functions directly from within Vedit.
    The commands you can choose from the main dialog are: Add, Remove, Undo, Commit, Status, Log, Diff and Files.

    The results of commands such as diff are opened in a window in Vedit with syntax highlighting.
    You can use mouse double-click e.g. to open corresponding file/location referred in diff results display.

    The macro git_setup.vdm can be used to set up git support for Vedit (configure syntax highlighting, set Vedit as Git default editor, create an exclude file).
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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    That you for the Git support macro. We run a Git server within our company and the programmers (for our email security products) use it.

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    Version 1.1 of my Git support package is now available at my web page

    Changes from v1.0:

    Main dialog:
    - Order of buttons changed. The first 3 buttons are always "Status", "Log" and "Diff". Other buttons change depending on context and file status.
    - File change status (changed, added, deleded, staged etc.) is show at the top part of the main dialog.
    - If the file has been deleded, the button "Undo" is replaced with "Undelete".

    New function [Unstage] - Remove file from staging area. Only shown when the file has been staged.

    New function [Get] - Fetch a selected old revision of a file. Shown when you call Git.vdm while Log is the active window. You can choose a revision by moving cursor on that revision in the listing.

    - Option to show diff for current file, all files in current dir or all files in the repository.
    - Option to compare any two revisions (when called from Log listing).
    - Option to select diff algorithm. Often this does not have much effect, but it may help to produce more readable listing in some of the more complex cases.

    - Show confirmation dialog. Option to amend previous commit.

    Other changes:
    - Dialog box positions adjusted.
    - When files added/removed/undone in status window, mark the line with A/R/U.
    - "Add" now works in submodules, too.
    - Fixed double-click in Files display.
    - Some other minor fixes.

    - Option to enter user name and user email (those are required by git).
    - Move COMMIT_EDITMSG.CFN to config directory, too.
    - Some minor fixes.
    Pauli -- Using Vedit 6.24.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) and on Windows 10 (64 bit)

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